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Vector - Stencil thread

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Vector- Medical stencil thread 

1 box contains -5 meter thread

This new innovative product is perfect for marking and stenciling straight lines in seconds!

Arm and leg bands, symetry stencil placing, all made simple with this elegant product.

Simply pull and cut your stencil thread, and mark your client skin

Instructions of use-

Shave and sanitize the skin

Apply stencil transfer sollusion

Pull and cut the desired leanght of VECTOR stencil thread

Mark the skin by pressing the thread in the desired place

Apply your stencil accuratly using the VECTOR markings


*Due to order load, longer delivery times my apply to your order. We are doing our best to send your order as quickly as possible. Thank you

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Vector - Stencil thread
Vector - Stencil thread

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